Water Colors Note Cards


Give unique and nautically themed abstract art to anyone for any occasion! Each group includes 12 Blank Cards – perfect for any occasion – 12 Envelopes, 6 great photos, 2 of each photo. Please contact me for custom orders.


(12) Blank Quality Stock Cards, (6) fantastic photographs, 2 of each photo, MCP’s well known “The Jibe” on back. (12) Envelopes Included $20 each + s & h.

Water Colors:

  1. #4817: Photo: Drops on Rail
  2. #5402: Photo: Orange Sky and Blue Water
  3. #5409: Photo: Blue Velvet/detail
  4. #7934: Photo: Rig Refraction, one of Matthew’s most well-known photographs!
  5. #Purple: Photo: Purple Water Colors
  6. #5940: Photo: Many aspects of the sky’s blue are reflective on the mirror –like water.