“I am forever grateful to those who’ve guided me on this self-created career, supported my photographic passion and granted me access to special places to capture and experience amazing opportunities."

Thank you,
Matthew Cohen

Kind Words:

  1. “We are very thrilled to have Cohen’s incredible work displayed on our walls,” says Kathy Sachs, Art Consultant to Stamford Hospital. “The patients and staff are drawn to the photos and feel the calming atmosphere that the pieces emanate. His photography brings the outside in, allows nature to help promote a healing and positive environment for the patients and family.” ~ Kathy Sachs
  2. “Oh my god! THAT, is a beautiful painting! I am sorry to disappoint you miss, but that’s not a painting. It’s a photograph. Wow! was all she said in awe.
  3. "Visit Matthew Cohen Photography on the web for the finest in Nautical/Adventure Photography in Newport and around the world!" ~ Latitude Yacht Brokerage
  4. “Simply stunning! I couldn't take my eyes off the Canvas Gallery Wrapped sepia toned ethereal spinnaker, The Jibe" of the spinnaker. Photos like that forever retain a certain energy and movement to them . . . a moment that vividly comes back to life every time you look at the piece no matter the length of time that has passed . . . they engage your senses . . . one look and you can actually see the movement, smell the salt water, hear the sail in the wind, feel the sunshine... once captured, you cannot help but be drawn there as if you were the one experiencing it first-hand. Gorgeous work, much talent." ~ MCP Collector
  5. “Awesome picture man! I love how the blue water looks against that wood! Nice work! People sometimes debate whether they should be working at a stand up desk or a sit down desk . . . but I think you’re the clarification that it’s supposed to be a 'deck' of a boat. Cheers!" ~ MCP Collector
  6. “This. Is. Such. An. Amazing. Shot!” ~ MCP Collector
  7. “Beautiful! I’ve told you this before, but I can always see the components of your photos moving, and/or I can hear them as I look at your photos. . . that’s what makes yours so unique. I absolutely love this piece! I now more than ever, see the power of your creative genius. No one else has ever interpreted this icon with your perception!”
  8. Re: The Newport Bridge ~ MCP Fan
  9. “I have just spent an hour on your site. I am addicted to your colors, patterns and originality. It makes me feel like I'm the one taking the shot. Keep up the great work!”
  10. “Matthew, your artistic eye and flawless execution never fail to impress. Simply stunning!”