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Matthew Cohen Photography’s Discounts

  • MCP Collector: Earned after your initial purchased and can be applied to every and any future orders, perpetually. 10% OFF! (Coupon Code: COLLECTOR)
  • Quantity: Scaled percentage depends on size of order.
  • Cash: Scaled percentage depends on amount.
  • Military: (all branches; student/active/reserves/retired) 10% OFF! Thank you for your services!  (Coupon Code: MILITARY)
  • High School Student: 10% OFF!  (Coupon Code: HIGHSCHOOL)
  • University Student: 10% OFF!  (Coupon Code: UNIVERSITY)
  • Roger Williams University: The organization at which Matthew’s photography and sailing career commenced. Undergrad, Law, Arch., Alumni, & Staff. 12% OFF!  (Coupon Code: RWU)
  • Marine Professional: 10% OFF!  (Coupon Code: MARINE)
  • Industry Professional: 10% OFF!  (Coupon Code: INDUSTRY)
  • Arnold Art Framing: 25% OFF Coupon!
  • Boat, Property, Person: Used in print, editorial, stock: 10% OFF!  (Coupon Code: BOAT)
  • Onboard: You got MCP onboard for a Regatta: 10% OFF!  (Coupon Code: ONBOARD)
  • Non-Profit Regatta: 20% of each Sales Order (Files and Prints) goes back to your organization!

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